Shows and events/Ice rinks

Shows and events:with our special technical solution – chillers with built-in pump and buffer tank – we can offer a wide range of chiller + AHU (air handling unit) "assemblies" that can be used to meet the HVAC needs of:warehouses, tensile structures and marquees that host events temporarily.

In addition to these "assemblies", we also have rooftop packaged air conditioners for applications of this kind, with outputs of up to 100 kW.

The Brenta Rent units (heat pumps units "H" or chillers equipped with electrical heater "R" in the storage tank) have technical-constructive features to guarantee a quick defrost of ice rinks.

Ice rinks:We have been renting out chillers for ice rinks since 2002.

In all this time, we have inevitably gained a considerable wealth of experience that we're more than happy to share with our clients in the form of advice and suggestions to help you optimize your investment.

In both cases, the extensive network of service centres across Italy provides prompt action in the event of a breakdown.