General terms and conditions of rental

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The company BRENTA RENT srl (Lessor) rents the machinery
and accessories it owns to the Lessee (Contracting Party), under
the terms and conditions contained in the lease offer and in these
general terms and conditions of supply to be mutually considered
as an integral part of the other.
For the entire term of the lease, the Contracting Party is obliged
under its own responsibility, thus relieving the Lessor from any
consequential risk and charge, to use, take care and preserve the
leased assets with diligence for their intended use.
The Contracting Party undertakes to use the machinery in
compliance with the conditions contained in the lease estimate and
to verify its correct installation as per the user manual on board the
unit and the applicable regulations on safety and prevention of
accidents at work.
Warranty during the Rental Period
Brenta Rent is responsible for scheduled assistance for long-term
rentals (minimum 1 year) or assistance for repairing malfunctions
not attributable to the customer-user, to be provided through local
service and/or from the headquarters.
The warranty does not cover loss of production costs, which must
be formally negotiated and agreed upon on a case by case basis.
Ordinary maintenance shall be at the expense of the Contracting
Term and validity of the offer
The offer is valid for 30 days and subject to availability of the
machine, unless otherwise stated in the offer.
Term of the rental period
The minimum billable rental period is one week.
The rental begins on the day of loading at our factory and ends on
the day (included) the equipment is returned to our offices, unless
otherwise agreed.
The term of the Rental Period is defined in the offer/contract. At
the end of the rental period, the customer must notify in writing, at
least 48 hours in advance, the date and time the equipment will be
available for pick-up, by fax to number +39 049.9724623 or by email
Extension of the rental period
Extension of the Service Period beyond the deadline specified in
the offer may not be tacit. Any extension must be requested in
writing by the Customer at least 48 hours before the end of the
Rental Period. Brenta Rent shall decide, at its own discretion,
whether to accept the extension or otherwise.
Early termination by the Customer
In the event the Customer requests the early termination of the
Contract, a penalty shall be applied as per the terms and
conditions set out in the offer.
Transport (1)
Unless otherwise stated:
- ON THE TRUCK means transportation without unloading.
Therefore, the following are EXCLUDED: unloading and
positioning, service during overtime / days before holidays /
holidays / at night, charges for entry to limited traffic areas, extra
charges for parking the vehicle for more than 1 hour due to site
- WITH CRANE means transportation with unloading on the
ground near the truck. The following are EXCLUDED:
positioning, lifting, service during overtime / days before holidays
/ holidays / at night, charges for entry to limited traffic areas, extra
charges for parking the vehicle for more than 1 hour due to site
- Both the aforementioned methods offer the combined service,
thus with 3-4 days’ notice to organize the travel.
First commissioning (2)
The first commissioning by our specialized technicians in
possession of the f-gas license as per regulations (including travel
expenses) shall be carried out during ordinary working hours,
excluding holidays / days before holidays and night work and
excluding systems installations.
Anti-vibration mounts (3)
The machine must be positioned on an even plane with special
anti-vibration mounts placed between the ground and the machine.
(70 shore rubber bricks).
Electric cables (4)
The electric cables supplied have terminals on both sides of a
special corrugated sheath and do not provide electrical plugs,
unless otherwise specified in the offer.
Assistance / telephone availability (5)
From 8 am to 8 pm including holidays (excluding night hours
08pm/08am) against surcharge on weekly rental rates (see
quotation in the offer)
If assistance is required due to carelessness of the lessee, the cost
shall be charged at the rates in force (60 € / h / technician in
addition to travel costs)
Assistance / emergency service (6)
Prompt assistance within 24 hours by telephone call (excluding
holidays / days before holidays - night hours 08 pm/08 am) for
issues caused by the machine and not by the system; with
surcharge on weekly rental rates (see quotation in the offer).
Remote assistance (7)
Remote Assistance available only on some units specified in the
offer: it includes machines equipped with a remote service system
installed on board and involves a weekly surcharge.


To Firm / Company
The undersigned Company informs that for the
establishment and performance of contractual relations with
you, we are in possession of your personal and fiscal data
obtained verbally or otherwise, directly or through third
parties, such data qualifying as personal information
pursuant to law.
With reference to such data we inform you that:
- the data are processed in relation to contractual
requirements and the consequent fulfilment of legal and
contractual obligations as well as to ensure the effective
management of commercial relationships.
The data shall be processed in written form and/or on
magnetic, electronic or data transmission media;
- providing the data is mandatory with respect to legal and
contractual obligations; therefore, any refusal to provide
them or to their subsequent processing may lead to the
impossibility for the undersigned Company to perform
said contractual relationships;
- On the other hand, failure to provide all data that do not
fall within legal or contractual obligations shall be
assessed by the undersigned company on a case-by-case
basis and shall lead to the consequent decisions according
to the importance of the data requested with respect to the
management of the business relationship;
- without prejudice to disclosure and dissemination carried
out in compliance with legal obligations, the data may be
disclosed in Italy and/or abroad to:
- our network of agents
- factoring companies
- credit institutions
- debt collection companies
- credit insurance company
- commercial information companies
- professionals and consultants
- companies engaged in the transport sector,
- solely for the purposes of credit protection and optimal
management of our rights regarding the individual
business relationship; for the same purposes, the data may
be disclosed to the following categories of persons in
charge of the processing and/or Data Processors:
Dimensione Azienda (accounting firm), Dimensione
Lavoro (payroll consultant), Fpc Informatica (IT
consultant), Drago Law Firm (law firm), Euroexecutive
company (out-of-court debt collection company)
- The data shall be processed for as long as the contractual
relationship is in place and thereafter in order to fulfil all
legal obligations as well as for future business purposes;

- With regard to said data your Firm / Company can
exercise the rights envisaged by Art. 7 of Italian legislative
decree no. 196/2003, within the limits and under the
conditions provided for by articles 8, 9 and 10 of said
- the data controller is our company BRENTA.RENT
SRL with registered office Via dell'Industria 17 35020
- The data processor is Marianarcisa Fornasiero who, for
the purposes of this law has the following address
BRENTA.RENT SRL Via dell'Industria, 17 35020
Date .....................................
Note: to be returned signed



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