Rental products

Chiller BR 20 Y
Chiller BR 30
Chiller BR 40
Chiller BR 50
Chiller BR 80 Y
Chiller BR 100 Y LN
Chiller BR 130 Y LN
Chiller BR 150 LN
Chiller BR 170 LN
Chiller BR 200
Chiller BR 250 Y LN
Chiller BRV 280
Refrigeratore BR 300 B
Chiller BR 350
Chiller BRV 450
Chiller BR 560
Chiller BR 600
Chiller BR 700
Chiller BR 1000
Refrigeratore BRHV 30 inverter
Chiller BRH 40 Y
Chiller BRH 50
Chiller BRH 100
Chiller BRH 200 Y VLN
Chiller BRH 350 Y VLN
Air Handling Units UTA 50
Air Handling Unit UTA 100
Air Handling Unit UTA 200
Rooftop air conditioner RTH 45
Rooftop air conditioner RTH 65
Rooftop air conditioner RTH 95
Rooftop air conditioner RTH 130
Close control air conditioners CCU 13
Close control air conditioners CCU 23
Close control air conditioners CCU 30
Pumping station SP 5,5 kW
Pumping station SP 11kW
Pumping station SP 22kW
Pumping station SP 30kW

Brenta Rent became a reliable business offering high quality industrial chillers for rent in Italy and abroad. Our extensive fleet of high quality equipment contains solutions for installation in any environment to sustain air conditioning for production area of any size. Brenta Rent chillers meet wide range of industrial process needs where effective air conditioning is necessary. We offer expert catering to your needs with advantageous solutions for the rental of extremely reliable cooling equipment and complete systems.

Our strategy is oriented on active management of our product range, client-oriented and responsible business to provide best equipment for rent in Italy and abroad. Our products for rent possess all necessary requirement for stable and reliable work: high performance, relaible manufacturers and easy operational control.

We devide a lot of attention to complexity of the quality we offer in our products and services. The partnership with our clients intends not only high quality chillers rental and further support, but also full range support for installation and maintaining of our products not only operational but most productive condition.

Brenta Rent will become your reliable partner renting best industrial chillers in Italy for your smart budget management.