Large-scale system refurbishment

The are countless very old large-scale systems in Italy that have seen better days. In addition to working with refrigerants that have been banned for years – making them expensive and difficult to procure – the systems' costly yearly maintenance makes them a liability.

If you have such a system, we can give you 2 options:

1 - temporary solutions comprising a number of medium/high output chillers (each as high as 1000 kW and over), which have passed thorough testing and are kept in perfect working order.

2 - long-term rental (between 2 and 5 years) at favourable monthly rates that can compete with the costly, repeated, stopgap servicing required to keep the existing obsolete chillers going.

Chillers for long-term rental are generally supplied new and are maintained, for the duration of the rental period, by Brenta Rent personnel through scheduled servicing to ensure they will deliver ongoing reliability and efficiency.