• Reassuringly thick metal enclosure held inside a sturdy yellow frame for added strength and handling purposes;
  • Condenser coils protected by mesh guards;
  • High performance in a compact housing for optimized transport costs;
  • Strong 2" and 4" Bauer quick-connect water couplings.

Refrigeration circuit comprising: Cu/Al fin and tube condensers capable of working with high outside air temperatures and fitted with fan electronic variable speed drive for condensing pressure control;oversized shell and tube evaporator; supply and return compressor shutoff valves; interchangeable cartridge filters; pressure gauges on refrigerant side.

Water circuit comprising: high-head water pump; high-capacity buffer tank; shutoff valves; pressure gauges; expansion vessel, etc..

Command and control electrical enclosure with: microprocessor; contactors; thermal overload cutouts; thermal-magnetic circuit breakers; manual compressor switches and master ON/OFF switch.

Brenta Rent Srl offers different types of industrial chiller equipment for rent, making possible for each user to choose the best suited air conditioning system. Check the list below and download the data sheet of the industrial chiller rental equipment that interest you the most. You can request further information directly online or by contacting our offices by phone.

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