Air Handling Units UTA 50

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Air Handling Units, or AHUs, are very important pieces of equipment when it comes to running modern common environments economically: an essential requirement in such spaces is that air circulation doesn't interfere with the qualities that provide optimum comfort levels.Temperature, humidity, speed and purity are the four components that need to be balanced through a system of this kind.

If you chose to rent the Brenta Rent UTA 50 model, you get a unit that can handle a maximum airflow of 5000 m³/h with a fan that can overcome an available external static pressure ranging from 100 to 450 Pascals. The electric motor with a rated output of 1.5 kW manages to produce a 45 kW cooling capacity based on air temperature of +28 °C and 60 kW for air at 32 °C, and with a water temperature of 7 °C in both cases.

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